Hey guys! This past week I posted a drawing from 2001 to twitter as part of Throwback Thursday. Many of you encouraged me to redraw it to scope out the progress. I thought it would be a fun exercise, and, well! Here are the results! :)

Tutoring/Teaching/Critiquing services!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to make public that I offer tutoring and/or teaching services. I have a flat rate of $30/hour, and can work within your budget (i.e half an hour of my time if you can only afford $15). Lessons/tutoring will be custom tailored to fit your needs, expectations, and skill level.

If you have not yet checked my about section, I have a BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (‘09), and I now work at a company called Hullabalu as a full time artist! 

I am happy to meet over Skype, communicate through email, or meet up in person if you’re in the NYC area. We can also discuss any other method of communication to fit your needs!

I am also happy to offer any critiquing services for the same price. This would be thorough feedback with samples/examples, but would not include any lessons or assignments. 

Lets all improve together!!!

If this is something you’re interested in, please email me at katy.a.farina(at)gmail(dot)com.

(Weekends/evenings work best for me!)

Added a new comic!

Five years ago today, my mom died. It's tough for me, of course, but I decided to make a comic to help ease the grieving process. I used to hate going to sleep because I would have really atrocious nightmares, most of which involved me losing family in one form or another, and being unable to fend for myself. This comic is quite personal, but I wanted to share it and share a piece of myself with the world.

You can read it here, or pay-what-you-want on my Gumroad account.

Sketches update!

Hey everyone! This past weekend I was offering some inexpensive sketch commissions. I uploaded a few of them to the sketch section of my webiste. :) 

Update to the portfolio!

Hey everyone, thank you for stopping by! My website now has content from my time at Hullabalu, as well as several freelance projects! :) Enjoy!